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Unwrap the Joy: Stumble Guys Delivers a Merry Christmas Extravaganza with New Skins and Snowball Shenanigans!


The Christmas season brings an abundance of joy and excitement, making it a time of great fun for many people. One of the enjoyable activities during this festive period is playing video games, which adds an extra layer of entertainment to the holiday experience. As Christmas approaches, popular games like Stumble Guys are embracing the season by introducing special events and content.

Christmas Win Polysteamgaming

Stumble Guys is hosting a Christmas event featuring new skins, including the robot Santa called Santa 3000 and a delightful snowball emote. Moreover, players can collect candy canes to trade for skins from previous seasons, featuring beloved characters such as SpongeBob, the Smurfs, Barbie, and the Rabbids. To top it off, players have the opportunity to unlock a legendary skin called Elfin, adding to the excitement and holiday spirit of gaming during Christmas. Don’t miss out on the festive fun in Stumble Guys this holiday season!

During the event, 25 gifts were given one each day. It was very helpful and I collected some gems and Stumble Tokens.

Free Stumble Guys Christmas Gifts

Ford exclusive car skins during the Hot Wheels Burnout Event.

Hot Wheels Burnout Exlusive Ford Skins

“Revving Up the Excitement: Stumble Guys’ Hot Wheels Event Takes Racing to New Heights!”

Stumble Guys’ Hot Wheels event was an absolute blast, injecting a surge of adrenaline into the game with its exhilarating loop da loops, winding tracks, daring twists, challenging bends, and thrilling jumps. The fast-paced racing action had players on the edge of their seats, eagerly vying for victory. Many racers even donned the exclusive Ford Hot Wheels skins, adding a touch of style and speed to their gameplay.

While the Ford-exclusive Hot Wheels skins didn’t quite capture your fancy, the event itself invoked a wave of nostalgia that resonated with countless players. Hot Wheels, with its rich history and iconic toy cars, evokes memories of childhood imagination, epic races on orange tracks, and the sheer joy of velocity. The event tapped into that nostalgia, transporting players back to a time when the world was their racetrack.

Hot Wheels Burnout Ford Car Skins Stumble Guys

Hot Wheels events, like this one in Stumble Guys, hold a special place in the hearts of many. They remind us of simpler times when the thrill of speed and the pursuit of victory were all that mattered. The combination of the beloved Hot Wheels brand and the fast-paced gameplay of Stumble Guys created an irresistible blend of nostalgia and excitement, making the event a true delight for fans both young and old.

I wasn’t that interested in the car skins as they were not unique enough for me even if the Ford-exclusive Hot Wheels skins didn’t catch my eye though, the event itself was a testament to the enduring appeal of Hot Wheels and the joy it brings to gamers. It was a time to relish the rush, embrace the nostalgia, and indulge in the pure, unadulterated fun of racing.

Two of the Wheels available during the event. Ninja Day Skins and yummy wheel legendary Stumblers.

Ninja Day
Yummy Wheel Spin

The many Stumble Guys Christmas sales were a great deal and you were able to get exclusive themed skins.

Stumble Guys Christmas Deal

Nerf arena returns!!

“Enter the Nerf Arena: Stumble Guys Reintroduces an Exciting Limited Mode for Action-Packed Shootouts!”

Stumble Guys has recently unleashed once more an exciting limited mode called Nerf Arena, offering a thrilling departure from the usual obstacle-running gameplay. In this mode, players find themselves immersed in a first-person shooter experience, armed with an assortment of Nerf guns and thrown into specially designed maps brimming with jump pads, unique weapons, and strategic areas to explore.

While some players may find the shift in gameplay style unexpected or different from what they are used to, it’s important to embrace the spirit of experimentation and variety that Stumble Guys offers.

As with any limited mode, the intention is to provide a fresh and diverse experience for players to enjoy. The Nerf Arena mode introduces new dynamics and challenges, allowing players to test their aiming skills, strategize their movements, and engage in exhilarating shootouts. It’s a chance to explore a different side of Stumble Guys’ gameplay potential and discover new thrills within the game’s universe.

Understandably, not every player will gravitate towards the Nerf Arena mode, as personal preferences and expectations may differ. However, it’s important to recognize that the introduction of limited modes like Nerf Arena adds depth and variety to the game, appealing to a broader range of players and expanding the Stumble Guys experience.

Nerf Gun Arena Event

Some of the new Stumble Guys Christmas skin available, we managed to collect them all.

Stumble Guys Xmas Skins Rewards

Stumble Guys Delivers a Merry Christmas!! The Delightful Christmas Skins. A really nice Christmas themes. Reminds me of classic Christmas stories. For me, it was the Nutcracker that stood out the most.

  • Stumble Guys Delivers a Merry Christmas Santa 3000
  • Stumble Guys Delivers a Merry Christmas sugar plum fairy
  • Elfen Stumble Guys Skin
  • Stumble Guys Delivers a Merry Christmas Winter Teddy
  • Stumble Santa
  • Stumble Guys Delivers a Merry Christmas Nutcracker
Skins Come Back Barbi Smurfs Spongebob

The Spongebob skin I was missing now the Goody Goober! I finally own it after a lot of playing and hard work. 🙂 Did you manage to get it too? Don’t forget we have an Article written about the Spongebob Season and Stumble Pass. You can read all about it here.

Exclusive Spongebob Stumblers
Goofy Goober Spongebob Skin Stumble Guys
Stumble Guys Spongebob Goofy Goober
Patrick Star Spongebob Stumble Guys
Rabbids are back Stumble Guys

Smurf exclusives

Stumble Guys Rare Smurf Skin brainy

There was also a chance to get the Barbie Skins. If you would like to see what the Barbie Stumble Guys skins looked like please read our article here for everything about that season.

Finally, we have the Stumble Guys Paid AStumble Pass content in the YouTube video below

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