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Mr. Beast is Here! Stumble Guys New Season August 2023 Battlepass Tons of Fun


With the new Stumble Guys season comes new fun. We all had so much fun playing with Barbie in the Barbie Malibu Mayhem Event last week. I really hope all of you earned enough Barbie Tokens to unlock the skins you wanted. It was a tough one with the most expensive skin at 12000 tokens and over a whopping 30000 Barbie Tokens to buy them all. Much more than was required for the gummy bear event before that, about 6x more!!

I can’t wait for us to enjoy the Mr. Beast event together! 🙂 It is going to be so much fun!

Mr Beast Battle Pass event
The new peel out car skin. A banana in a car. No it doesn’t make you run faster
Mr. Beasts signature yellow Lamborghini Legendary Stumble Guys Skin

Stumble Guys Stumble Pass
Stumble Pass Rewards
Stumble Guys Stumble Pass
Mr Beast Beast Wheel Beast Bucks

Get ready for it and all those yummy gems to go towards our chase towards our never-ending quest for eternal Stumble Guy battlepasses. The Mr. Beast event greets us with even more excitement and festivities than ever before. Enjoy a brand new obstacle course complete with foam blocks, mud, swings, and why even a ramp to help your hurdle over the first obstacles with great haste if performed correctly and on time. After all this game is all about timing isn’t it? How has your jump timing been in-game so far? Why not tell us more about it? We would love to hear from you. Say something about the game and what you love most about it.

So what is there to collect this time around? Well, that would be Beast Cash. Mr. Beasts own in-game currency. Earn Beast Cash in-game and buy a spin on the Mr.Beast wheel for 30 Beast Cash a pop. So far we have over 900 and you can see how our 30 spins went on the Beast Wheel in the youtube video below. The wheel spins unlock tickets to various Mr. Beast skins (trust me there are a lot of them) and once you have enough (about 120 tickets) You can unlock the corresponding skin. See our Youtube video below.

Who is Mr Beast?

Mr Beast is a famous YouTuber and philanthropist. He is credited with pioneering a genre of YouTube videos that centers on expensive stunts and challenges. You can learn more about Mr Beast vby reading about him on Wiki here or you can visit his youtube channel here

A gallery of all the Stumble Guys skins won through the Beast Wheel and Lucky Spin

You can also win many gems through the new Stumble Missions

mr beast event rewards Stumble Guys Free Gems

You can also win many gems by visiting the Stumble Guys website daily. Simply enter your name to connect your account. There is also a special offer for only $0.50 which gives you 1200 gems and 500 Stumble Tokens, well worth it. Watch the video below to see what we won with our 500 Stumble Tokens on the Lucky Wheel

Stumble Guys Stumble Mission Reward Strawberry Rita Legendary Skin
Barbie Vs Mr. Beast Gameplay
Leonidas vs Mr.Beast Gameplay The skin I won earlier during a lucky wheel spin

The next Event is Cosmos Crawl

There are a lot of gems to be one and a silver alien skin for completing the Cosmos Crawl Event

I was lucky enough to win 250 Stumble Tokens on the Lucky Wheel

For completing the stumble missions milestone you will be rewarded with a whopping 80 gems!!

The second stumble mission will allow you to win 40 gems + many extras such as beast cash and emotes.

The next missions are here and they are the third last missions. There will be 2 more before the end of the Stumble guys season in august 2023, but first something to make you laugh a bit ^^

A strange glitch thas sometimes happens where the screen is super wide xD

There are even more gems to unlock as well as beast bucks which allow you to earn new legendary skins exclusive to the event. There are enough ways to earn gems that you can afford to pay for the season’s stumble pass for free without spending any money. From now on our aim is to play the game for free buying a stumblepass each season and earning enough gems. Our guide helped you play for less than $0.50 per season. Now let us go for doing it for free.

40 Gem reward for the milestone, I was also able to win Ninja Kai spinning the lucky wheel

This is the luckiest I have ever been in the game so far with the free lucky wheel spin, it is increadly rare to gain over 15 gems or 5 stumble tokens in a single spin

Presenting to you the readers “Beast Challenge” and “Cosmos Crawl”

As you can see I have completed the first one so far.

Here are the rewards for the Cosmos Crawl event. 190 Beast Bucks and 50 Gems + a Skin and an animation.

Don’t forget to unlock all the rewards for some tasty gems for your next stumble guys stumble pass. You can also win beast tokens for a free spin. Talking about free spins I was able to unlock the very rare Mr Beast Cash Suitcase Emote with only a 1.5% chance to gain the drop I feel very lucky. See the video below to watch it in action including the mt beast ball emote and Mr beast Lambogini car all through the stumble guys stumble pass.

mt beast event stumble guys

With that comes the conclusion to the Stumble Guys Mr. Beast season of August 2023 I hope you unlocked everything you want and have lots of gems to buy your next Stumble Pass. See you in the next season 🙂

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