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Love is in the Air: Embrace the Valentine’s Celebration in Stumble Guys!


Love is in the air, hearts are racing and Stumble Guys arrives to share Valentine’s joy with everyone! The season of love has arrived and Stumble Guys are prepared to make your gaming experience more heartfelt. You have a mission: gather firecracker tokens, unlock cute love-themed skins, and join in the romantic excitement of Stumble Guys’ Valentine’s party!

Love Shot Wheel Stumble Guys

In this event, love is the main focus. Players are given a mission to gather firecracker tokens that have been spread around the game. These tokens give access to three very delightful and filled-with-love Stumble Guy’s skins which will surely make your heart skip a beat: an embarrassed heart-shaped Stumble Guy, a cuddly bear wearing a bowtie and a naughty Cupid who wants to shoot some arrows of affection. These skins aren’t just cute, but they also show the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

Stumble Guys Valentines day arrow tokens

But wait, there is more! The Stumble Pass holds a surprise for all the lovers. Get ready to be charmed by the enchanting Cupid skins available only in this pass. Give your Stumble Guy the appearance of a cupid by dressing him in a costume that includes wings, bow and a quiver filled with love arrows. If you aim for the heart or just want to show a Valentine’s Day feeling, these skins will surely make your Stumble Guy look like love and charm itself.

Valentines Day Stumble Guys Exclusive New Rewrds

When you join the Valentine’s event, watch for unique levels with a Valentine’s theme that will whisk you away to a place full of romantic delights. It is an exciting and love-filled journey, just right for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

  • Samba King Skin Stumble Guys
  • Chocolate Strawberry Stumble Guys skin
  • Carnivals Horror Skin
  • Lover gal stumble guys
  • Stumble Guys Ace of Hearts Skin
  • Stumble Guys Lunar festivale wood dragon guy

However, the fun doesn’t end with just new costumes. Stumble Guys has a lot of Valentine’s Day rewards for you, like heart-shaped emotes and romantic trails. These are sure to make your Stumble Guy even more attractive. Show your love with confetti in the shape of hearts, send kisses towards rivals and leave behind a trail of love wherever you stumble to. The options are infinite, and the Valentine’s event is a world of its own.

Well, if you’re a person who always feels romantic or just wants to enjoy the loving vibe of Valentine’s Day, Stumble Guys is perfect for you. Gather those firecracker tokens, open up cute skins filled with love and wear Cupid costumes from Stumble Pass. Get lost in the romantic setting, go on touching journeys and let the love in Stumble Guys make your gaming experience delightful and charming.

Love is all around, and Stumble Guys wants to bring you joy, cuteness and lots of fun stumbling in this Valentine’s celebration. Discover the love-themed skins, and let your Stumble Guy become a symbol of affection in the Stumbleverse – it’s time for you to stumble into a place where love rules!

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