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Dungeons & Dragons: Stumble Guys Epic Crossover

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Get ready to unleash your inner adventurer as two iconic worlds collide in an epic crossover event that will leave gaming enthusiasts spellbound. Dungeons & Dragons, the revered realm of fantasy and imagination, joins forces with the uproarious stumbling chaos of Stumble Guys, creating a thrilling and unforgettable gaming experience. Prepare to embark on a legendary quest like no other, where stumbling meets sorcery and laughter intertwines with the magic of the dice.

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In true Stumble Guys fashion, the collaboration brings forth a myriad of fantastical skins and accessories inspired by the legendary world of Dungeons & Dragons. Dress your Stumble Guy as a Sage, a cunning rogue, or a spellcasting sorcerer, an owlbear, or a glutenous cube each costume reflecting the essence of classic D&D archetypes. Unleash your creativity and customize your Stumble Guy to embody the spirit of your favourite D&D character or create a whole new persona that merges stumbling and sorcery in a delightful harmony.


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  • Dungeons and Dragons Stumble Pass Stumble Guys3
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How does the new Stumble Pass work

The new Stumble Pass now has 100 levels to progress and a total of 7 pages of reviews with 7 on each page for a total of 49 Rewards. Before the Battle Pass was too easy to get and simply completing events would get you to the max level. This is no longer the case as you now need Pass Tokens to pay for each unlock. I feel this suites the game better and stretches out the Stumble Pass

New Stumble Pass How Does It Work
Premium Stumble Pass

The new stumble Guys Dungeons and Dragons season event level is called Beyond the Gold and this exclusive level takes players on a thrilling journey through a meticulously crafted dungeon-themed world, packed with traps, treasures, and challenging obstacles that will put even the most skilled stumblers to the test. A lot of effort was put into it.

Dungeons and dragons behold the gold

As you enter “Beyond the Gold,” your fellow stumblers and you are presented with 4 different doors each giving you a unique ability once you pass through the ability pickup. These abilities are tailored to each door’s path, ensuring that your chosen path is filled with strategic possibilities.

Using a shield for example will allow you to navigate treacherous pits of lava. There is also an axe ability to knock down doors and keep enemies at bay. The next ability to a short teleport which allows you to teleport right over difficult terrain in the level. The final ability being an extra double jump.

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True to the essence of Dungeons and Dragons, the level immerses players in a dungeon-themed environment. Green acid pools lurk beyond cage pathways, you make your way through. This eventually leads to a castle area with enemies in the form of skeletal barbarians and tooth-filled treasure chests lying in wait… This level is filled with traps and tricks and is sure to keep you on your toes. With more traps than a level has seen in Stumble Guys, you’ll need to stay sharp and rely on your instincts to navigate through the dangers that lie ahead.

You will then need to make your way over pools of lava and spike traps that come out of the ground and when triggered even out of the walls. A classic trap! In the next section a turning mill gives a possibility to go across, however, be careful of the wet and damp underground section resembling a murky sewage system. You can prevent falling into this dangerous place by using the mill skillfully to guarantee a safer path.

Luckily there is a net to help you get back up. Having made the jump using the mill, however, allows you to skip this area entirely and get a much safer and faster route.

You will then have to make your way passed more skeletal warriors and over a large section of spikes that can be triggered. A trick is to trigger it so it knocks other players but beware not to get caught yourself.

A well-timed jump and dash should get you through with no problem. Beware the rolling boulder trap which has a delayed trigger. Do not wait for it if you trigger it keep going instead. If someone in front of you has triggered it then stop and wait or you will get caught by its massive weight and knocked clean off the lava waterfall. The dungeon lit with torches adds a lovely touch and the dragon-adorned trap triggers is something to take note of.

Passed the last spike wall and onward towards the monster’s room. The monster has long tentacles and shoots lasers out of each one which makes this part of the level the most difficult. The jumps are made much more challenging and perilous. Choose your path wisely, for treacherous trap-filled treasure chests await, ready to knock you off balance or subject you to the relentless zapping of lasers.

The final stretch of “Beyond the Gold” becomes a race to the finish downhill with some spikes you must jump over. As long as you are not caught up in the spikes you will swiftly slide down until you reach the bottom where the slumbering dragon and its guarded treasures lie in wait. Glide over golden coins and into the treasure room, completing your epic journey through the depths of the dungeon.

“Beyond the Gold” is proof of the meticulous craftsmanship, careful work and commitment of the Stumble Guys’ development team. They have integrated worlds of Dungeons and Dragons with stumbling disorder in-game flawlessly. Get ready to get hooked on the excitement, atmosphere, and joy of overcoming every hurdle in this unforgettable event that combines Stumble Guys with Dungeons and Dragons.

Hence, summon up your bravery, hone your stumbling skills and set off on an adventure full of risks, riches and thrilling suspense. “Beyond the Gold” awaits, ready to test your mettle and reward your bravery as you become a legend in the realm of Stumble Guys.

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