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Tetris Mania Hits Stumble Guys: Dive into the Puzzle-Packed Excitement of the New Season!


Diving into the Tetris Season: Stumble Guys Embraces Classic Chaos

The recent introduction of the Stumble Guys Tetris Season has sparked a wave of excitement among players, myself included. It’s truly a delight to see a video game classic like Tetris take centre stage, and the developers of Stumble Guys deserve commendation for their appreciation and realization of the game’s enduring appeal. Please note this season is a very short one and I guess that means they want us to spend our gems on passes.

Tetris Stumble Pass Stumble Guys

The new map featured in the Stumble Guys Tetris Season offered a unique twist on the familiar gameplay mechanics. The flat terrain served as the battleground, with Tetris blocks raining down towards us. As Stumblers, our goal was to avoid elimination by navigating through the flashing Tetris blocks. After a few flashes, danger awaited, whether it was being propelled into the air, engulfed in fire, or witnessing the blocks vanish beneath our feet, sending us tumbling into the abyss.

Free Tetris Emote

The chaos that unfolded on the map was truly exhilarating. With each Stumbler vying for survival, finding a safe spot amidst the rapidly descending blocks proved to be a challenge in itself. As fellow competitors fought to secure their foothold, the intensity grew, with the risk of knocking each other off the narrow safe areas. It was a frantic race against time and fellow Stumblers, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay experience.

While the map itself was relatively small and basic, it didn’t detract from the immense fun it offered. The simplicity of the setting allowed players to focus on the heart-pounding action and the strategic manoeuvring required to stay alive. However, I must admit that the new skins introduced during the Tetris Season were a bit too bland for my taste. Nonetheless, I’m sure fans of the game will find joy in collecting and showcasing these new additions to their character’s wardrobe.

Stumble Pass Special Offer

In the video below we open and buy the Tetris Stumble Pass

The Stumble Guys Tetris Season successfully captures the essence of the classic puzzle game, infusing it with the signature chaos and competition that defines the Stumble Guys experience. It’s a testament to the developers’ creativity and their commitment to continually delivering fresh and engaging content.

Happy Holiday Wheel

So, if you’re a fan of Tetris or simply crave an adrenaline-pumping challenge, the Tetris Season in Stumble Guys is definitely worth exploring. Prepare yourself for a whirlwind of chaos, quick thinking, and nail-biting moments as you strive to outlast your fellow Stumblers amidst the falling Tetris blocks. Get ready to stumble, stack, and survive in this thrilling crossover event.

Block Dasher Stumble Guys Skin

Let us not forget that this is somewhat of a dual season that included New Year’s 2023.

Happy New Year’s 2023 Exclusive skins (including Tetris skins) Happy New Year’s tokens were collected in exchange for using the holiday wheel. The Clockwork Toastmaster is really cool and so is Sunny the Flower, they were my two favourites this season. As I have said I didn’t really like the Tetris block skins. What did you think of the skins? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Stumble Guys new years clockwork toastmaster
  • Tetrimino Titan Stumble Guys
  • o tetrimino stumble guys tetris skin happy new years
New Years Events Stumble Guys

What did you think of the Tetris map? Was it challenging for you? Did you enjoy it? Maybe you prefer longer maps? Let us know in the comments we can’t wait to hear from you! We also saw a return of the previous seasons maps such as the Stumble Guys Christmas event Nutcracker Knockout & Mr Beasts Olympiad.

Stumble Guys Tournement Clown Car Skin

I also decided to get this cute little clown however I decided against it since I already have so many car-based skins and the Elfin skin from the Stumble Guys Christmas event is also a crazy and whacky skin though the clown would still have been a welcomed addition.

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