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Immerse Yourself in the Exciting World of Stumble Guys: Mr Beast Season Unleashed!


We have previously had Mr Beast mini events and maps in stumble guys and now it is time for the actual Mr Beast-themed season.

Along with new Mr Beast skins, there are new event levels. You’ll face challenging obstacles, dance to the rhythm, and collect exclusive rewards along the way. The Beast Arena is the name of the new event. the new levels will test your skills and resilience.

Mt Beast Season Stumble Guys

The first level is called Mr Beasts’s Disco Drop. It is platform-based and as you stand still, your Stumble Guy will groove to the music, but beware of disappearing platforms!

Each platform is square and has a symbol on it. You will need to pay attention to the symbols shown to you since the square platforms with the symbol they show are the platforms that will disappear and if you do not move to another platform in time you will fall and be eliminated. Mr beast is the DJ at the front of the level above on a platform and everyone dances beneath him. Once a certain amount of people are eliminated you win and are taken to the next level.

Stumble Guys Mr Beast is back

The next level is called Mr Beasts Dangerous Traps and was seen before the event several times so you will recognise it. The level itself is fun and filled with obstacles.

At the beginning of the level, the first obstacles are hanging cages which you have to jump on top of from cage to cage to get to the end eventually using a jump pad to propel yourself to the top for the next obstacle. The next obstacle comes in the form of a tropical jungle-themed section with a zig-zag path. The path is uphill and cannon balls and basketballs are thrown down the paths at the players knocking them around or even off the map if they are not careful enough. Be cautious and agile to avoid being knocked off the map.

Some of the walls are Mr Beast-themed with the colour blue and have purple lightning symbols. The next part of the map is black and purple tiles with laser traps above. You will need to carefully navigate and jump over the treacherous laser traps and make your way towards the end. The jump pad at the end takes you to freedom, at least for a few seconds…

The next part of the level is where you are met with even more lasers, this time they move around. This is the most difficult part of the level. At the end yet another jump pad takes you up to the final stretch where yet again more lasers are grouped closely together with the finish line in sight. There are floating Mr beast heads on either side with the finishing area featuring a big red button on the floor. (It’s these little touches that we appreciate. The attention to detail for these event maps has always been good.)

Once you reach the button you pass the level, victory is yours, accompanied by a shower of falling money. so long as you get there fast enough of course.

Stumble Guys Work Shop Mt Beast

The final level is Mr Beasts Warehouse which we have previously seen in past seasons and are well acquainted with. At the beginning of the level skillfully manoeuvre over the foam pit and then slide down avoiding obstacles that will knock you off the edge to reach a jump pad that propels you upward towards the next section which requires players to jump from rotating blade-like structures that rotate above pools of mud which you must avoid falling into.

A tunnel awaits you, guiding you towards the finish line, where the prestigious Mr Beast Games medallion proudly hangs. Will you be the one to claim it?

Stumble Guys Mr Beast Vinyl Wheel

During the Mr Beast Season event, you have the opportunity to collect Vinyle tokens and spin the Mr Beast wheel to win shards for the exclusive skins. As always once you collect enough shards of each type you unlock the skin. These skins include 00 Beast, Golden Jimmy, Ace Jimmy, Mr Beast, Pizza Jimmy, Super Beast and The Beast. For those seeking the ultimate premium experience, the premium stumble pass includes the very fancy awe-inspiring Mecha Mega Beast skin.

Mr Beast Wheel
  • Stumble Guys Ace Jimmy Skin
  • Mr Beast Skin
  • Pizza Box Jimmy
  • Gold Jimmy
  • 00 Beast Skin
  • The Beast Stumble Guys Skin
  • Super Beast Skin

Get ready to stumble, jump, and dance your way through the Mr Beast season in Stumble Guys. Collect shards, overcome obstacles, and showcase your skills as you unlock exclusive skins in this thrilling adventure. Join the fun and experience the excitement of Stumble Guys like never before!

Stumble Guys Work Shop Mt Beast

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