Limos’ Lair: An Intriguing Metroidvania Adventure

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In the indie game Limos’ Lair, players embark on a thrilling quest to explore the mysterious lair and the mythical creature that lives there. Blending challenging puzzles, enemies with different abilities, and a unique grappling hook mechanic, this Metroidvania-style adventure offers an engaging and rewarding experience.

At the heart of Limos’ Lair is the ability to consume your foes and steal their powers. (a bit like Nintendos Kirby character) By carefully observing the special abilities of each enemy, players can strategically choose which to absorb, expanding their repertoire of skills. This mechanic adds depth to the gameplay, as you must constantly adapt your approach to overcome the varied threats lurking in the lair.

limos lair metroid style game

Complementing this power-stealing system is the innovative use of the protagonist’s frog-like tongue. Serving as both a grappling hook and a formidable weapon, the tongue allows for dynamic traversal and combat. Skillfully swinging from ledge to ledge or whipping enemies into submission requires precise timing and dexterity, adding an engaging physical challenge to the exploration and problem-solving.

limos lair Metroidvania style indie game

Puzzle wise the frog-like tongue does add an extra layer with its ability to stick onto blocks and bring them back to you. Essentially you can push and pull the blocks. Blocks are a crucial part of many puzzle games this one included. You can even grab blocks across gaps with your tongue. This makes the ability to solve puzzles more complex.

limo lair enemies
My favourite area is the lush and beautiful forest.

The open-world nature of Limos’ Lair encourages players to uncover the lair’s secrets at their own pace. New areas and abilities are gradually unlocked, allowing you to approach the challenges in a non-linear fashion and discover hidden paths and collectables along the way. This sense of freedom and discovery is a hallmark of the Metroidvania genre, and Limos’ Lair executes it with a sense of mystery and wonder.

However, the openness of this non-linear approach presents its own problems. I felt lacking in a sense of direction at times and I do feel a larger amount of guidance would have helped with this. You sometimes don’t know exactly which route to take. Other puzzle games will simply go from level to level. In limos lair all the levels are connected by paths to make one larger map. On the other hand, this can make the game more interesting being able to travel back to where you started and any previous area. This sometimes requires skills you gain now that will be needed in the future.

Something makes me feel I’m not wanted here xD

With its themed environments, challenging puzzles, and the constant temptation of new abilities to acquire, Limos’ Lair stands out as a fun and rewarding exploration-focused adventure. For fans of the Metroidvania genre or those seeking a unique and engaging indie experience, Limos’ Lair is a title that deserves attention.

limos lair review
Unique themes keep things fresh

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