Stumble Guys BattlePass for less than $0.50

Stumble Guys Battlepass less tahn 50 cents

There is no surprise that Battlepasses are one of the most sort out things in video games these days. With the Stumble Guys BattlePass being no exception. People are always looking for ways to get them for free or for as little money as possible and always looking to Max them out for all the awards while you may not be able to get the battle pass and stumble guys for free you can get at a vastly reduced cost by following this simple Guide.

What is stumble guys?

Stumble Guys is a wildly entertaining multiplayer obstacle-based Android game, loaded with chaotic fun and dynamic challenges designed to put your coordination and luck to the test. In this humorous, fast-paced game, players simultaneously race through colorful obstacle courses filled with unexpected twists and traps. Ultimately, only one victor will emerge from each thrilling knockout round, proving themselves as the ultimate Stumble Guys champion.

With its appealing 3D graphics, cartoon-like characters, and engaging soundtrack, Stumble Guys delivers hilarious moments and exciting showdowns right in the palm of your hand. This addictive game continuously releases new content and updates, ensuring players remain captivated with fresh obstacles and surprises. Experience a thrilling dose of competitive action by joining the quirky world of Stumble Guys!

What is a battle pass?

A Battlepass is like a paid subscription that entitles you to earn in-game rewards there is a free battle pass that you do not have to pay for and there is a paid battle pass which is the one that we will be discussing in this article. Paid Battlepass and free Battlepasses unlock by making progress throughout the game. Games require you to do different things to unlock progress.

Depending on where you live you should be able to get an entire year’s worth of stumble guy Battlepasses for around $8 this is less than 70 cents per pass

When you first begin the game you’ll be offered a bundle that gives you 1500 Gems and removes the ads for only $2.

Wait until you’re later offered a bundle of 2,000 gems and 650 tokens for only $3
This bundle is 80% off the normal price

Continue to wait until you find another bundle that costs $5 this will give you 2,500 gems

Meaning you bought 6000 gems for $10 but you will only need 5000 of them bringing the grand total to $8

It Costs 1,200 gems for 1 Stumble guy battle pass but you get 400 Gems back after you complete the battle pass meaning that the battle pass has a total cost of 800 gems

To bring the cost down further you are given daily Spinners after watching an ad you can use five spins every day 15 minutes apart and the first one is free so that you only have to watch 4 ads and have a 50% chance of getting gems since about a past 30 days you have 150 spins which means that 75 of them will be rewarded in gems. the gem rewards are between 5 gems and 15 gems and if is very likely to get even more if we say that you get 5 gems on average 5 * 75 equals 375

800 gems – 400 gems = 400 gems

12 battle passes cost 4800 Gems which is less than 5000 and therefore will cost you $8

What is in the stumble guys Battlepass?

The Stumble Guys Battlepass can change at any time but generally contain the following:

Free Battlepass: 30 stumble tokens, 150 gems, 7 Common or better skins, 1 Rare or better skin, 1epic skin, 1 footprint, 2 emotes

Paid Battlepass: 70 stumble tokens, 250 gems, 7 rare or better skins, 1 epic or better skin, 1 legendary skin, 1 special skin, 3 Taunt emotes, 3 animations, 1 Special emote.

By following this guide you will therefore get the above Battlepass 12x for a grand total of:

1200 stumble guy tokens, 84 common or better skins, 95 rare or better skins, 12 epic or better skins, 12 legendary skins, 12 special skins, 12 footprints, 24 emotes, 36 animations, 12 special emote.

The free daily spins will get you over 1200 stumble tokens & over 500 random skin spins

all for only $8

Stumble Guys Lucky Spin – Here I win the legendary skin Leonidas the Lion 🙂

Stepping it up.

Did you know you can further reduce the cost of your Battlepass? By completing the game’s events you are awarded gems bringing your cost per Battlepass to a mere 2500 gems or 3000 gems per year. That is about $5

Events are held during each season here are some examples from the Barbie Malibu Mayhem event

Stumble Guys Barbie Event Rewards
The many prizes available + Gems!!

You can spin on the wheel to gain even currency this event is barbie tokens

As with the Lucky Wheel watch ads to unlock a free spin
Gain Barbie Tokens to spend on exclusive Barbie cosmetic items and skins from the shop
Stumble Guys Winning the Barbie Malibu Mayhem Event Gameplay

Stumble Missions

Stumble Mission are a set of weekly missions that are sometimes active during the season. This season there are 2 and give you 60 gems each, that’s 120 gems!! xD

The first Stumble Mission Rewards 60 Gems + A cool skin
The SecondStumble Mission Rewards 60 Gems + A Ice-cream skin

Complete Missions to reach rewards like these gems

Some Stumble Missions are more difficult than others with this one requiring you to place 1st in the event
Stumble Guys Gummy Bear Event

Candie Chase Special Event Win Gummie Bear Skins + 150 Gems Earned For the Battlepass

The Legendary Skin from a battlepass

Any there you have it! That’s how you can pay less than 50 cents for your Battlepass

You can download Stumble Guys from the Googleplay Store here or visit their website here

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