A Trip Down Memory Lane: 24 Classic Games That Are Now Free, Including Download Links


Nostalgia is a powerful emotion, and there’s no better way to travel back in time than by playing the classic games that defined our childhoods. Good news! We’ve rounded up 25 unforgettable classic games that have gone free for your enjoyment. Check out the games and their download links below.

  1. Beneath a Steel Sky (1994)
    Engage in this point-and-click adventure, set in a dystopian future, as you try to uncover a deep conspiracy.
    Download here: https://www.scummvm.org/games/#sky

  2. The Elder Scrolls Arena (1994) Download here: https://elderscrolls.bethesda.net/en/arena
  3. The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall (1996)
    Experience the magical world of Daggerfall, part of the celebrated Elder Scrolls series, filled with memorable quests and exploration.
    Download here: https://elderscrolls.bethesda.net/en/daggerfall
  4. StarCraft: Brood War (1998)
    Dive into the strategic battles of this iconic real-time strategy game that has captivated generations.
    Download here: https://starcraft.com/en-us/articles/20562679
  5. SimCity 2000 (1993)
    Create and manage your very own city as the mayor in this classic city-building simulation game.
    Download here: https://www.myabandonware.com/game/simcity-2000-55o
  6. The Oregon Trail (1990)
    Embark on a journey across the Wild West as you attempt to guide your wagon party to safety in this educational classic.
    Download here: https://archive.org/details/msdos_Oregon_Trail_The_1990
  7. Marathon Trilogy (1994)
    Experience this groundbreaking first-person shooter series, set in a futuristic sci-fi universe.
    Download here: https://alephone.lhowon.org/
  8. Prince of Persia (1990)
    Navigate perilous dungeons, avoid traps, and engage in sword fights to save the princess in this renowned platformer.
    Download here: https://archive.org/details/msdos_Prince_of_Persia_1990
  9. Command & Conquer: Red Alert (1996)
    Experience the alternate history setting of World War II in this celebrated real-time strategy game.
    Download here: https://cncnet.org/red-alert
  10. ZDoom (1993)
    Fight through hordes of demons in this renowned, genre-defining first-person shooter.
    Download here: https://zdoom.org/downloads
  11. Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (1985)
    Embark on a journey of spiritual discovery as you strive to become an Avatar in this groundbreaking role-playing game.
    Download here: https://www.gog.com/game/ultima_4
  12. War Wind II: Human Onslaught (1997)
    Lead your chosen species to victory in this atmospheric real-time strategy game set on the alien world of Yavaun.
    Download here: https://archive.org/details/WarWind2HumanOnslaught_1020
  13. A-10 Tank Killer (1991)
    Experience the thrill of piloting the A-10 Thunderbolt II in high-stakes combat scenarios.
    Download here: https://www.myabandonware.com/game/a-10-tank-killer-2sk
  14. Myst (1993)
    Explore beautifully-rendered environments and unravel mind-bending puzzles in this acclaimed adventure game.
    Download here: https://www.myabandonware.com/game/myst-bfv
  15. Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty (1992)
    Discover the game that pioneered the modern real-time strategy genre as you fight for control of the planet Arrakis.
    Download here: https://www.myabandonware.com/game/dune-ii-the-building-of-a-dynasty-1pu
  16. SimFarm (1993)
    Cultivate and harvest crops, raise livestock, and manage the economics of a successful agribusiness.
    Download here: https://www.myabandonware.com/game/simfarm-2rj
  17. The Secret of Monkey Island (1990)
    Join Guybrush Threepwood, the hapless pirate, in this hilarious point-and-click adventure.
    Download here: https://www.myabandonware.com/game/the-secret-of-monkey-island-24h
  18. X-COM: UFO Defense (1994)
    Defend Earth from invading aliens in this strategic, turn-based game full of tense encounters.
    Download here: https://www.myabandonware.com/game/x-com-ufo-defense-23y
  19. Day of the Tentacle (1993)
    Follow Bernard, Laverne, and Hoagie in their quest to thwart an evil purple tentacle in this classic point-and-click game.
    Download here: https://www.myabandonware.com/game/day-of-the-tentacle-3n6
  20. Wing Commander (1990)
    Immerse yourself in space combat as you pilot a fighter ship amidst an epic interstellar war in this iconic game.
    Download here: https://www.myabandonware.com/game/wing-commander-17d
  21. Theme Hospital (1997)
    Run a bustling hospital and cure quirky, humorous diseases in this endearing simulation game.
    Download here: https://corsixth.com/
  22. Grim Fandango (1998)
    Join Manny Calavera in his adventures through the Land of the Dead in this classic adventure game.
    Download here: https://www.myabandonware.com/game/grim-fandango-45a
  23. Tyrian 2000 (1995)
    Embark on an action-packed journey in this classic shoot ’em up game featuring beloved pixel art graphics.
    Download here: https://www.gog.com/game/tyrian_2000
  24. Sid Meier’s CivNet (1995)
    Experience the earlier days of the legendary civilization-building game, offering turn-based strategy in a multiplayer environment.
    Download here: https://www.myabandonware.com/game/sid-meier-s-civnet-bvm

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