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Tekken 7: A Masterpiece in the Fighting Game Genre


Tekken 7 is a game that presumably does not need a preface but in case you did not know it’s from a long line of successful forerunners gauging ever since the original PlayStation and was not available on PC until much later, it was exclusively console, developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, is a largely anticipated investiture in the famed Tekken series. Released in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, One of the effects that drew me into fighting games like this is that the game features an expansive roster of over 40 characters, each with their unique fighting styles and stories. It was always a pleasure to find out each character’s backstory by completing the tournament with each of them. I was noway dissatisfied and each of them was so unique that indeed their fashion sense told you a bit about them. The groundbreaking graphics, dynamic gameplay mechanics, and character customization options make Tekken 7 an immensely pleasurable game for both beginners and devoted fans of the fighting game genre.

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Gameplay Mechanics:
Tekken 7 boasts evolved gameplay mechanics with its fundamental 3D movement system, enabling players to block, sidestep, and even rotate around opponents, dodge attacks and grabs, and navigate around their opponents strategically. Though the best and most impressive moves were the parries and counter parries in which you reverse an opponent’s actions and throw them slightly off balance exposing them to any attack without being able to block, these took hours of practice and only the most devoted players could ever hope to perform such an advanced maneuver on a semi-successful basis. Any sort of parries too impeccable timing but were very stylish looking. Tekken 7 is as solid as ever, with a wide range of grabs, throws, and other moves that players can use to defeat their opponents. The game introduces new combat mechanics, including Rage Arts, Rage Drives, and Power Crushes, which add depth and varied strategic elements to fights. Responsive controls and a wide-ranging move set foster combos and move execution that caters to various player skill levels. The level of depth in the combat system is impressive, and the balance between characters seems to be well-tuned.

Graphics and Sound Effects:
The visual and audio experiences in Tekken 7 are nothing short of exceptional. With highly detailed character models that must have seen the team awake late for many many a night, bringing the characters and environments to life with stunning detail and fluid animations and a high FPS, and meticulously designed stages, the game pushes the boundaries of what fans can expect from an arcade fighting game. The atmospheric sound effects and carefully chosen music intensify immersion and transports both players and spectators into the spirit of things and right into the heat of the action.

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Game Modes and Online Multiplayer:
Tekken 7 offers a wealthy selection of game modes suitable for all player preferences. One of the most outstanding features and my personal favorite of Tekken 7 is the immersively deep and large story mode with a completely fully-fledged narrative that ties together the various characters and their individual motivations. This interweaves the character plotlines by driving the overarching narrative forward while integrating complex and wonderfully comprehensive cutscenes with character-specific episodes and events. The story itself is well-written and engaging, with plenty of plot twists and turns that keep things interesting and fun. As is expected with arcade fighting games there are additional modes including the classic arcade mode, time attack, treasure battle, and offline versus mode.

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Furthermore, Tekken 7 features a solid online multiplayer platform that enables heated ranked matches, player matches, and intense tournament-style competitions. As a result, players can test their skills against a global pool of opponents of all skill levels and enjoy a healthy online community that encourages continuous development and improvement.


Character Customization:
One of Tekken 7’s most attractive features is the extensive way character can look using the customization system. Players can unlock a rather large range of clothing items, cool accessories, wicked hairstyles, and much more, creating a unique aesthetic and personality for their beloved characters. This level of advancements in personalization is a welcome addition, as it adds replayability and encourages players to showcase their creativity, or even reflect their own personality in both single-player and online multiplayer modes.

Tekken 7 is a monumental achievement in the fighting game genre that delivers quite the punch and contains everything fans of the genre could want, seamlessly blending smooth gameplay mechanics with fluid animation, stunning graphics, and outstanding character variety. The game caters to newcomers and seasoned fans alike, offering countless hours of engaging gameplay and content it offers plenty of replay value through an array of game modes and an active online community. This latest installment to the iconic Tekken series undoubtedly makes the rest of the series proud and absolutely is a must-play for anyone passionate about fighting games, and it’s a testament to the genre’s enduring appeal.

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  1. Tekken what the first fighting game I ever played long ago. I played tekken 3 at the arcade as a kid. Since then I’ve always been a fan and played. Playing online is the most fun.

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