stumble guys September 2023 stumble pass

Super Hero Time! Stumble Guys Season September 2023 Stumble Pass


It’s time for a new Stumble Guys Stumble Pass, this time is some superhero fun. Put on your capes and tighten your underwear for another exciting Stumble Guys Season.

This season has probably some of the best Stumble Guys skins I have seen. Just look at them! I decided to go for the two super banana skins first Darkpeel Prime & Alpha Peel and then the purple super girl named Dasher. (see below) + bonus Negaton Smashgloves It took a very long time to collect all the needed Super Tokens to spin on the lucky spin wheel I gathered them from events and the free and paid Stumble Pass. It was worth it in the end. Next season I plan on showing them off.

  • Dark Peel Prime Stumble Guys
  • Stumble Guys Dasher Skin
  • Stumble Guys CEO of Heck Skin
stumble guys event

I then tried my luck with 22x lucky spins thanks to all the collecting of stumble tokens. Unfortunately, I only got duplicates with a couple of missing skins to fill in. Mostly rares and commons were not in circulation at the time.

This is what I spent my Super tokens on this season on Stumble Guys. I was lucky enough to get all the ones I wanted.

What is in this season’s Stumble Guys Stumble Pass? New emotes, animations, gems, tokens and much more!

The Scaffold Stumble is an FPS event where you are put into an arena with other players, the rules are the same with using Nerf guns to knock people out by depleting their health bar. Everyone has the same gun but there are others scattered through the arena. There are also shield and health power-ups. You can also jump and double jump.

stumble guys event reward
Dont forget to collect all those Super Tokens!

It isn’t easy being a superhero

The events were tough but if you made it there are a wealth of skins to discover. Collect super tokens to gain skins in this superhero season

  • Stumble Guys
  • Stumble Guys

There are even more ways to earn gems in Stumble Guys since the last update with weekly stumble missions and events giving you the chance to amass plenty of gems for your next Stumblepass. Don’t forget to collect your daily free spins by watching those ads.

stumble guys event rewards

The Stumble Guys Monopoly event was a great time to be had and we are all familiar with the game we played aging up so recognising different things whilst racing through the level was both exciting and nostalgic. It is good to see these constant updates as it make sure the game is alive and fresh throughout. The Monopoly pieces were available as skins but my favourite was the dog so I only bothered to get that one. The hat and house and others don’t appeal to me.

Stumble Guys Monopoly Dog Token
My little Doggy friend 🙂

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