Stumble Guys Halloween Skins

Stumble Guys Halloween Skins October 2023 Unleash Frighteningly Spooktacular Fun!


Stumble Guys is bringing some creepy-looking skins out for Halloween this October. The Stumble Pass is filled with all kinds of sweet loot but no tricks. No, the trick here is to do well enough to earn all those precious Halloween tokens. Spin on the wheel and collect enough points per skin and try to get all the Stumble Guys Halloween Skins this season. Can you do it?

Stumble Guys Halloween Wheels
Stumble Guys Halloween Skins

Tournament tickets are something new that has been introduced and I have always felt it should have been done. The good thing about Stumble Guys is the devs are constantly updating the game and now we have tickets. Instead of paying gems to enter into a tournament, you can use tickets. This allows you to win some extras in the tournament rewards or if you already use gems to even further boost yourself making it easier to get the more rare rewards.

Halloween Events

Stumble Up is a new event type with its own kind of map. You make your way up obstacles climbing higher and higher until you get to the top to succeed. I couldn’t do it. Did any of you manage to do it? Let us know in the comments please.

Spooky Beasts and Scary Skies brought with it a new spooky version for Halloween and is the second of Mr Beasts Stumble Guys maps. See the new map with the new Death skin in the video below.

Stumble Guys Halloween Skins October 2023 Video of Death and Mothman skins + new Mr beast map

Smurf events

Smurf it up event gains you Smurf Tokens as before but this time with a Halloween theme. The new Stumble Guys Halloween Skins in the theme of the Smurfs.

Smurfs are back

Smurfy bundles are available for those who want a bonus for their next gem purchase. Who is your favourite Smurf? Witchy Smurfette looks great don’t you agree?

Smurf Rewards

There were many Smurfy rewards including a vampire Smurf a Stumble Guys Halloween Skin. I picked the little Smurfette seeing as she was the cutest. Who did you unlock? Have you unlocked them all?

Jimmy is back

Mr Beast is back but this time as his old self Jimmy. Instead of Beast Tokens, there are Jimmy Tokens. An epic Jail Time Jimmy was awarded as well. For those who want something a little different, there is the Indie Jimmy Launch Offer. However, I chose to give it a skip as it doesn’t appeal to my tastes. So start collecting your Jimmy Tokens and start spinning that Jimmy Token Wheel and the Mr Beast wheel.

Stumble Missions

Stumble mission rewards were great this season with a Halloween themes mask emote + 25 gems and a whopping 95 Gems. Don’t forget the extra tokens for additional spins. Never forget to do your Stumble Missions as it is a great way to earn wonderful rewards quickly. There are multiple Stumble Missions every season so you should have a good collection of tokens and gems afterwards.


Stumble Pass otherwise known as a Battle Pass. The Stumble Guys Halloween Skins are some of my favourite and really stand out and make a statement. Check out the Legendary Mothman Skin and the special skin Death himself.

The Stumble Guys Halloween Skins I never got 🙁

I am really sad I didn’t get this exquisite skin. Probably the best Halloween skin available. Which is your favorite Halloween skin this season?

Screenshot 2023 11 08 00 46 37 885 com.kitkagames.fallbuddies

Coming Soon

A glimpse into what is in store for us in the next edition of the Stumble Guys Stumble Pass.

Stumble Guys New Stumble Pass Coming ASoon

Already Here

We hope you join us in the next edition of Stumble Guys Season, see you soon!

Stumble Guys Novmeber stumble pass

Previous Season September 2023 Stumble Guys Super Hero

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