15 of the world’s strangest video gaming peripherals


There are all sorts of weird and wonderful things in this world here we provide you with some of the world’s strangest video gaming peripherals. Here are 15 of them:

  1. The Sonic Car – This is a toy car shaped like Sonic the Hedgehog that you can ride while playing Sonic-themed racing games.
    gaming peripheral sonic ride
  2. The Xbox adaptive controller – Designed for people with disabilities, the Xbox adaptive controller can be programmed to work as a game controller. Read more on the Xbox Website
    xbox adaptive controller
  3. The Nintendo 64 Fishing Rod – Released with the Nintendo 64, this controller is shaped like a fishing rod and can be used to fish in certain games.
    n64 fishing rod bass fishing
  4. The Steel Battalion controller – This massive controller was made for the game Steel Battalion and features over 40 buttons, two joysticks, and a foot pedal.
    40 button game controller
  5. The Wii Bowling Ball – A shell shaped like a bowling ball that you can put your Wii remote into and use to play bowling games. Watch Video about the Wii Bowlong Ball here
  6. The Dreamcast Seaman microphone – Used to communicate with the virtual pet Seaman in the game of the same name. See box opening of product here (very interesting)
  7. The Nintendo Power Glove – Released in 1989, this glove was supposed to allow you to control games with your hand gestures, but didn’t work very well. Nintendo far over-promised something of the future but way underdelivered. Find out more on wiki here
    Nintendo Power_Glove VRNintendo Power_Glove
  8. The PlayStation EyeToy – A motion-sensing camera that allows you to control games with your body movements. I remember playing with this as a teen on the PlayStation 2 console and bouncing balls and things around with my own body and remember thinking how cool it was and how far we have come and to look forward to the future and just look how far we have come and what technology we have today. To learn all about it please read more on the wiki article.
    ps2 eyetoy
  9. The Microsoft Sidewinder Strategic Commander – A keyboard with a unique layout that was designed for use in real-time strategy games.
    Microsoft Sidewinder Strategic Commander
  10. The NES Satellite – A wireless controller adapter that allowed you to play NES games from up to 30 feet away. You can find out more about the NES Satellite following this wiki link.
    The NES Satellite wireless controller
  11. The Atari Mindlink – An early attempt at a brain-computer interface that was supposed to let you control games by thinking. I saw something similar to this at one of those old technology fares but it was for PC playing the Yeti Avalanche game and well… While it seems super high-tech startrek-type stuff it really didn’t work very well at all but I was a child and felt amazed it “knew” what I was thinking. Read the Wiki Link even Forbes wrote an article you can read here Forbes link Atari Mindlink
  12. The Sega Activator – A ring that you put on the floor and stood inside, allowing you to control games with your body movements. Gaintbomb has a great article about it
  13. The Game Boy Camera – A handheld camera that allowed you to take low-resolution black and white photos and use them in certain games. A review of the Gameboy Camera 24 years later. The 2022 Guide to Game Boy Camera Photography
    GB cameragameboy photo camera devicegameboycameradevice
  14. The Xbox 360 Kinect – A motion-sensing camera that allows you to control games with your body without needing a controller. I still own mine and let me tell you its much better than the ps2s EyeToy. Really great for making exercise more fun.
  15. The Asus Xtion Pro – A motion-sensing camera designed for use with PCs that allows you to control games and other software with your body movements. Visit their official websiteThe Asus Xtion Pro

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